Organize with confidence,
score with ease.

We love running competitive events and have been doing so for a very long time. We know the administration involved in managing and communicating with participants. We know the time it takes to figure out the right format for a tournament. We know the stress of last minute drop-outs, teams running late or having to default because of injuries. We know how to keep both participants and spectators up to date. We know your challenges. And we know how to help.

Level the playing field

At, we strongly believe everyone should be playing. Be it sports or games, we fully embrace our playful human nature. However, when you're not keeping score, it's only practice. So let us facilitate you in setting up your competition, tournament, series, league, contest, quiz or whatever it is you want to organize.

Whether you're a rookie ready to organize your very first competition or a seasoned professional single-handedly running tournaments every week, our aim is to level the playing field for everyone. Run your events with the confidence of a pro and keep the score with ease, one game at a time.

Let's play enables you to quickly set up a single game. Choose the type of game or sport to play, add participants and start playing. During the game, you can register each action taken or point scored immediately. Or just enter the final score when the game has ended.

Multiple types of games and sports are supported out of the box. Games, matches, races, quizzes, we've got it all! And if we don't, you can go out and create your own template to custom fit whatever you need.

Build and run competitive events is not limited to single games. Our main goal is to enable you to build and run your own competitions or tournaments.

Choose the type of competitive event, select a number of participants and start tweaking options and constraints regarding timeslots and terrains. Once you're finished, populate your competition and start keeping score. Want to have another go? Just copy the template for a new season.

Got some last minute drop-outs or no-shows? We've got you covered! Quickly change the schedule or choose a completely different type of play. No matter the number of participants, we'll figure out a way to get them to compete.

Share results (or not)

Why keep score when you can't show off the final results? provides multiple ways to share progress and results with participants, spectators and everybody who cares else. Of course, privacy is a big deal nowadays, so we'll gladly help you manage the risk of leaking any personal data. If you or your participants want to keep things private, then you can choose to do so. also provides multiple API's for easy integration with your own website or application. We provide a default user interface, but you are free to build your own.

Main features

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We are currently running a closed beta test track. An open beta is to be expected at the end of 2023. If you are already interested in what we have to offer, don't hesitate to get in touch! We can still support one or two extra closed beta users.

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Use cases

During our closed beta, we are supporting a minimal set of organizations. Here's a short overview to give you a better understanding of what we do.

Muurke Klop

Our biggest integration project is for the Belgian Muurke Klop Federation, where we've rolled out the following features: