Level the playing field

At scorekeeper.io, we strongly believe everyone should be playing! Be it sports or games, the Homo Ludens should always embrace its playful nature. However, when you're not keeping score, it's only practice. So let us facilitate you in setting up your competition, tournament, series, league, contest or even a single game, match, quiz or whatever it is you want to play.

Whether you're an amateur, professional or anything in between, Scorekeeper will level the playing field for you, delivering a top notch, custom fit experience to everyone.

Let's play

Scorekeeper enables you to quickly set up a single game. Choose the type of game or sport to play, add participants and start playing. During the game, you can register each action taken or point scored immediately, or just enter the final score at the end.

Multiple types of games and sports are supported out of the box. Games, matches, races, quizzes, we've got it all! And if we don't, you can go out and create your own template to custom fit whatever you need.

Build and run your own competition

Scorekeeper is not limited to single games, but also enables you to build and run your own competitions or tournaments.

Choose the style of competition, select a number of participants and start tweaking options and constraints regarding timeslots and terrains. Once you think you're finished, populate your competition and start keeping score. Want to have another go? Just copy the competition template for a new season.

Got some last minute drop-outs or no-shows? We've got you covered! You can easily and quickly change your schedule or choose a completely different type of play. No need for a perfectly even number of participants, even with odd numbers you can start competing!

Share results (or keep them private)

Why keep score when nobody can see it? Scorekeeper allows you to share live scores or competition progress with participants, spectators and everybody else. Or just keep it to yourself if you like. It's your data after all.

Scorekeeper also allows for easy integration with your website or your own application through its API's.

Main features


Scorekeeper works across multiple platforms. You can use either Android or iOS devices for data entry or simple management tasks, or turn to your browser to set up more complex competitions or templates.


We are currently running a closed beta test track. An open beta is to be expected at the end of 2022. If you are already interested in working with us, don't hesitate to get in touch!